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We're replacing garbage bags.

Garbage bags are commonly used for waste disposal, but they come with inherent drawbacks. One significant issue is their reliance on single-use plastic, which adds to the global plastic pollution crisis. Producing and disposing of these bags harm the environment, releasing greenhouse gases and endangering marine life.


Moreover, relying on garbage bags often leads to excessive consumption since they foster an "out of sight, out of mind" mindset, impeding waste reduction and recycling efforts.


Additionally, garbage bags have limited capacity, necessitating frequent replacements and more frequent waste collection, resulting in higher costs and energy usage.


Zero Day's blocks present a unique proprietary alternative to conventional garbage bags. These blocks feature a compostable wrapping specifically designed to enclose organic material. The entire block, along with its compostable wrapping, can be seamlessly placed into an anaerobic digester. This innovative solution eliminates all the issues commonly associated with traditional garbage bags.

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