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We're replacing trash cans, garbage disposals, and food dehydrators.

Trash cans, garbage disposals, and food dehydrators may seem convenient for disposing of food scraps, but they are not efficient or eco-friendly.


Over 95% of the organic waste thrown in the trash can goes to landfills. Garbage disposals can clog sewage systems and strain water treatment plants while requiring significant amounts of water and energy. Food dehydrators reduce the volume of food scraps but are time-consuming, energy-intensive, and still require proper disposal.


None of these methods harnesses the potential of food scraps for anaerobic digestion and composting, the most sustainable approach.


Zero Day's compacting organics bin is designed to efficiently process food scraps by grinding them, reducing their volume, and eliminating excess air. The compacted waste is then transformed into block foams, wrapped in compostable material. This wrapping acts as a spillage and odor barrier, ensuring a clean and pleasant experience while handling the waste. With Zero Day's compactor, you can confidently dispose of food scraps, knowing that the process is convenient and sustainable.

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