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zERO DAY offers..

Up to 95% waste volume reduction.

Our machines break down rigid solid shapes into dense particulates AND Remove Air pockets to create material blocks with up to 95% less volume.

Traditional garbage bags contain, on average, about 75% air. Air pockets also prevent garbage trucks from being utilized to their total capacity. One zero-day material block contains roughly three 13-gallon garbage bags worth of material.

Particulates create an even material density, and gravity compacts the material within the bio-wrappers, creating a block that is densely packed for maximum space efficiency.

Vermin and odor repellent containment

Our entire storage solution offering is made of vermin REPELLENT materials, removing access to organic materials that are usually feeding and breeding grounds for flies, rats, roaches, ants, and even raccoons.

Our storage receptacles contain a thin layer of proprietary vermin-repellant solution sandwiched between the inner and outer shells. In a rare case of vermin breaking through the outer barrier, this would prevent them from infesting the inner.

Our fully biodegradable block wrapping material is infused with a natural capsaicin-based vermin REPELLENT that is safe for any environment. It controls pests by blocking odors that typically attract them to organic waste.

spill proof and non-Hazardous containment

Our entire storage solution offering is also spill-proof, preventing hazardous and sharp materials from penetrating through the containment and posing a danger to your users and staff.

Our storage receptacles are made of a metal-glass alloy that resists cracks, shattering, and breakage. Their wheeled design allows you to easily transport large receptacles with zero heavy lifting. They are also compatible with robotic arms for collections, reducing the risk of injury to collection workers.

Particulate eliminates any large sharp pieces in the material outtake that could potentially penetrate the wrapper and cause injury. Our double-layer bio wrappers also resist piercings and breaking. The heat seal adds the final touch to ultra-secure containment.

increase your building's curb appeal and first impression

Curb appeal is the gateway to the first impression of any physical establishment. Front entrances littered with garbage and lined with black garbage bags awaiting collection destroy curb appeal and repel foot traffic to your establishment.

Zero Day does not compromise on aesthetics over functionality. In fact, we prioritize the visual aesthetic equally as much as the functionality. Our sleek modern designs transcend our machines and storage solutions to new levels, away from the eye-sore archaic waste infrastructure.

Touchless operations and vandal-proof, hydrophobic exteriors keep our machines and receptacles clean and visually appealing with minimal cleaning and maintenance.

modular design for cleaning and replacements

Our modular design allows you to remove each part from the forest for cleaning and replacement. Every part that directly interacts with organic materials is removable and dishwasher-proof.

The grinder and countertop receptacle can be completely removed from the machine for cleaning. Simply follow the instructions to remove them and place them in your dishwasher or sink. 

The modular design allows us to easily replace any malfunctioning components without decommissioning the entire machine, reducing waste and replacement costs.

Tenant and staff onboarding and support

As a new customer, Zero Day provides onboarding for tenants and staff in your building. Furthermore, we provide ongoing support directly to tenants and staff that can be accessed via our mobile and web apps.

Your tenants and staff can access live workshops and pre-recorded tutorials throughout the year to learn how to use Forest and Zero Day solutions. We also keep your users updated on new developments to hardware and platform.

Zero Day mobile app provides on-demand support to your users, including submitting repair requests and scheduling maintenance and cleaning.

Regulatory compliance support

We stay on top of the ever-changing regulatory and compliance landscape across different geographies—your municipality, state, and country. Our extensive data and analytics platform will provide you with compliance and ESG guidance.

we partner with your municipality to ensure that the zero day solution always stays compliant, avoiding your business hefty fines for violations and noncompliance. Our SLA also covers any regulatory charges you receive in case of oversight byzero Day.

Zero Day is an end-to-end sustainable solution designed to erase your organic waste footprint and reduce your carbon footprint. Your sustainability metrics are accessible in real time in your zero day account for all ESG purposes.

ultra safe sanitation worker environment

Sanitation workers don't have to be the third most dangerous job in the USA. Our solution elevates worker safety and humanizes and dignifies the sanitation worker's role.

Our curbside storage for collections is compatible with the robotic arm, reducing the risk of injury to collection workers and the hazard to pedestrians.

everyaspect ofzero daysolution is touch-safe and human-centered, ensuring zero exposure to hazardous materials.

consolidated control center

Our city overview platform provides valuable information on your waste infrastructure, including performance statuses and data analytics on your waste and carbon footprint.

Manage city operations in one place, including performance monitoring, expense management, and employee support.

Capture sustainability analytics to reduce your waste footprint and associated emissions.

collections and transportation route optimization

Garbage collection should be a convenience, not a disruption. The built-in data capture tools allow drivers to select the most optimal route and time for collections.

Zero-day in-house collections utilize electric vehicles that are fuel efficient and don't contribute to noise and air pollution as the traditional garbage truck.

Compaction allows trucks to run at maximum capacity with fewer frequent stops compared to collecting and transporting black garbage bags.

economical and sustainable solution

Zero Day can reduce your waste management costs by up to 75% and the emissions associated with waste management by up to 95%.

compaction and containment significantly reduces waste storage, maintenace, collection, and transportation costs. For your city and it's residnts.

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Full-scale zero day deployment diverts organic waste from landfills and incinerators to biogas digesters, creating a carbon-negative system.

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aesthetical and Aligns with urban design principles

Waste management infrastructure should not be a sore sight. Our sleek modern designs elevate their surroundings, supplementing your city's beautiful aesthetic.

We don't compromise visual design for functionality. That's why, after extensive research, we created a system that both functions and looks levels ahead of traditional solutions.

City infrastructure should never obstruct residents' enjoyment. Our modular portable solutions serve city residents with zero disruptions to everyday life.

zERO DAY economical value add

For 10 Tons of Waste

before zero day

after zero day


Waste Volume (yd3)


Truck Trips


Collection Costs (x10$)


GHG Emissions (kg)


ZERO DAY is launching in NYC

Setting an unparalleled standard for residential and commercial organic waste management everywhere.

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