The countertop receptacle is designed explicitly for collecting organic material on a smaller scaledaily.You collect your material in the countertop receptacle and empty it into Forest at night or when it's full.

product deep dive

Compact but functional and durable to sustain everyday use.

compact design

01. convenient size and scale

At the size of a large kitchen storage container, the countertop receptacle can snugly fit in any environment, whether it's a studio apartment or an industrial kitchen.

02. touchless operations

The countertop receptacles lock into forest, and the bottom opens up, disposing of the contents without manual interference, keeping both the receptacle and forest contamination-free.

03. easy to clean

dishwasher safe, and every component that is in contact with material can be disassembled, allowing thorough cleaning. Receptacle bags further reduce cleaning requirements.

04. odor containment

The same odor-containment properties of our bio-wrappers are embedded into the countertop receptacle, keeping the surroundings odor-free.

05. aesthetical design

Beautifully designed not to obstruct your interior aesthetic but instead to elevate it

product specs

13 in
8 in
8 in
2.5 lbs
weight (filled)
~25 lbs
~12 gal
Item model number

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