Our large storage receptacle is an alternative for gallon bins and DUMPSTERS. It's designed to securely hold blocks and transport them to collection points. Furthermore, it is compatible with robotic arm collections, fully automating the collection process. 

product deep dive

Design that prioritizes the safety and convenience of the humans interacting with it.

modular design

01. rolling wheeled mover

Wheeled mover lets you quickly move the storage receptacle from one point to another with zero physical strain.

02. modular fitting as needed

Modular design allows you to combine receptacles as needed to meet your needs. Receptacles lock onto each other for ease of collection.

03. curbside locking to frames

Receptacles lock onto curbside entrapments, ensuringthe security of your property and the safety of the surrounding environment.

04. robotic collection support

Collection vehicles equipped with the robotic arm can lift a combination of four receptacles at once and empty the blocks.

05. digital ownership control

Digital access controls secure your receptacles as they await collections overnight. Only your zero day credential can unlock the receptacles.

product specs

48 in
36 in
36 in
weight (empty)
27 lbs
96 gal
weight capacity
1400 lbs
Item model number

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