Meet Forest: the automatic waste manager

We compacted an industrial strength material processing machine to fit within your home  or business.

designed to sit anywhere, your home, office, business, or city.

How it works

From coconut water to coconut shells, forest can process it all

step one

dispose your organic materials into forest

use forest directly or with the countertop receptacle to dispose organic waste into it.

step two

forest will process the waste into blocks and package it in our bio-Wrappers.

Contents move cleanly through Forest, automatically being ground, sealed into compact blocks and stacked in the internal Receptacle.

step three

forest can hold up to 4 blocks. when full remove blocks using the internal wheelie receptacle.

Forest needs to be emptied infrequently because our space efficient blocks allow forest to hold twice the volume as a standard bin. When it is time to empty the machine, simply roll the internal wheelie out.

step four

place blocks for collection by your waste carter or zero day via membership.

our storage solutions allow blocks to be stacked neatly curbside for collection. choose zero Day collections to have your organics collected by our fleet of evs and processed at an organics processing facility.

Simple and Efficient

Forest is designed with Practicality and ease of use top of mind. Built from recyclable materials, Forest makes recycling food waste simple and pleasant. Protecting the environment is not a burden with forest, it is built into it's very core.

grinding into particles

forest's powerful motor shreds even the toughest food scraps into small particles, reducing volume and storage space.

heat based sealing

A strong seal keeps Leaks and odors in and vermin out.

internal storage

Dense blocks stack neatly reducing the need to frequently empty bags full of air pockets.

Supports every type of organic waste

From coconut water to coconut shells, forest can process it all

fat & oil
waxy takeaway
hair & nails

Look out for plastic-free, compostable, or bio-based packaging

if it is bio-degradable forest accepts it

A new way of waste collection - no garbage bags, spills, rats, or roaches.

Four exterior finishings that can seamlessly integrate within your interior

hygenic and Safe

Use the countertop receptacle to easily transfer food scraps from your kitchen to forest. The countertop bin snaps into place and releases the contents directly into forest. Forest automatically grinds and seals the materials into neatly stacked blocks.

component deep dive

FOrest is made from durable components that are both long lasting and modular so they can be easily repaired.

product specs

36 in
15 in
15 in
50 lbs
36 gal
6.5 ft (2m) with 3-prong adapter
120 V~/60 Hz/3 A
802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz) Wi-Fi110°
  • Powder-coated steel enclosure
  • fiberglass veneer with hidden LED interface
max speed
Microphone x 2 with noise cancellation
Item model number
PRoduct Catalog
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download pdf
tech specs
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user manual
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SION Technical Sepcs

Reserve your Forest today with a $199 deposit.

Total cost $2599 $1949*

*Including the 25% of early user discount. First shipments scheduld for July 2024.Use this calculator to estimate the volume of waste that your building will generate.

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