We designed the curbside entrapment as an alternative to permanent dumpsters or black garbage bags typically placed curbside for collection. curbside entrapments securely hold our large storage receptacles while they await collection and allow them to be moved using the robotic arm. They are designed to seamlessly blend into the environment without obstructing access to sidewalks and curbside, both aesthetically and functionally.

product deep dive

human centered design creating a simple, functional, and a visually appealing result

modular design

01. modular fit as needed

Curbside entrapment is modular in design, allowing you to add or remove entrapments, DEPENDING on your waste generation rates.

02. receptacle locking mechanism

The large receptacle locks to the entrapment, creating a secure connection that can only be unlocked by your zero day credential.

03. robotic collection support

The entrapment unlocks when the storage is locked onto the robotic arm, allowing storage to be lifted and emptied.

04. digital ownership features

Digitally lock and unlock your storage receptacles from the entrapments to safeguard your product from theft and vandalism.

05. rolling wheeled mover support

Easily load the storage receptacle onto the entrapment using the step-friendly rolling wheeling chassis (comes with receptacles).

product specs

~4 in
36.5 in
36.5 in
  • alloy steel
Item model number

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