the future of utlitity infrastructure is automated and digital

Data capture is built into our solution. Using data, we learn more about the system, identifying new developments and areas of improvement. No system is perfect, but Zero Day's extensive data analytics capabilities can get us very close to perfection.

information collected by zERO DAY

block lifecycle tracking

Our blocks are embedded with rfid technology, which allows us to track their lifecycle from creation to the end. This information helps us divert blocks from landfills and incinerators.

Rfid TRANSMITS information such as creation date, processed date, and physical location, which is captured by the readers configured in forest and storage receptacles. Furthermore, our partner sites are equipped with readers to capture data from blocks that are sustainably processed.

Block lifecycle provides valuable information such as your net waste footprint and upstream and downstream emissions.

small scale storage granularity

Countertop receptacles contain a quick response code that is scanned when the material is disposed of in forest, enforcing proper disposal methods for organics and improving diversion rates within your organization.

Small-scale storage tracking helps us better understand the use of forests and accessories, allowing us to improve the solution as it evolves. Furthermore, it provides granular data on waste generation at the tenant or per capita level.

Change at a systematic level primarily depends on large-scale adoption. Waste generation data at the source level helps us identify the best way to accelerate the adoption rate.

automatic weight logging

Large storage receptacles contain built-in scales that transmit weight information to customers and logistics partners. This data ensures that you only pay for what you generate and also enables vehicle and route optimization for collections.

Material weight is a crucial data point in waste management, relating to both costs and sustainability analytics. Therefore, accurate weight information is necessary for us to provide you with the most accurate pricing and ESG analytics.

Weight data is also crucial for forecasting costs and ESG analyses and for potential energy credit programs in the future.

zeroDay dashboard and app

storage full alerts

Be alerted when a machine is full and awaiting collection—there is no longer a need to check and empty every bin every night.

Machine map: a high-level overview of your machines and their statuses in real-time, indicating whether they need emptying or repairs. A machine mapvisualizesthe overall health of your fleet at first glance.

The machine map allows you to create an "emptying route," increasing staff productivity and decreasing resource usage.

driver route optimization

Route optimization allows us to collect your blocks faster with less resource usage (fuel, labor hours) and minimal disruption to your everyday life.

Embedded geographical information transmitters provide drivers with quantity and location information and automatically create an ideal route for block collections within your city.

Congestion levels and other traffic information are combined with zero-day data to help drivers select the most optimal times for collections with minimal disruption to everyday life.

repairs and maintenance

You can submit repair requests directly from your mobile device and manage your zero-day pre-scheduled maintenance appointments within the same interface.

Submit repair requests with a few clicks via the app, and a zero-day troubleshooting team will address the issues within the guaranteed SLA agreement periods.

No hassle, MAINTENANCE plans -Maintenance is scheduled in advance annually with the flexibility to change/reschedule as needed through the app.

compliance ands regulatory support

Stay compliant in the ever-changing regulatory environment with the compliance dashboard and reports.

The compliance dashboard keeps you up to date on the ever-changing regulatory landscape based on your municipality, state, or country. It will alert you to new changes and guide you through best practices.

Generate waste footprint and sustainability analytics reports on-demand for governmental and investor purposes.

All inclusive monthly subscription

Our subscriptions include products, platforms, and services. With the right solution, we can guarantee a fixed monthly rate for your business throughout the contract period, regardless of the fluctuating monthly waste generation rates.

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